Female ejaculation and the G-Spot

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Petek 27 maj 2016

Female ejaculation has a history as old as the earth itself. Hippocrates

and Aristotle spoke of the divine waters in some of their writings. In 10th

century India, it was spoken about as a ''wine-like-juice.” In most cases,

it was thought to be an important part of conception and regarded in a

popular light. Please see the following link for more info on the history

of female ejaculation.

In Chinese, Japanese, Native American and even Celtic historical

documents, female ejaculation is discussed and considered to be part of

a sacred sexual event.

Fast forward to 1800s Puritanical America and we see an uptight group

of people who do not know female sexuality and of course, care little for

the woman's feelings or pleasure. Often, a midwife would come into

town and “relieve” a woman of her sexual issues. After all, a good

woman would not want sex frequently, much less spray the inside of the

bedroom with “urine” or whatever they thought it was. The midwife

would often use a steam powered vibrator to give the woman an orgasm,

then sending her home relieved and back to being a “good pure wife.”

Hysteria had been considered a disease and condition for centuries,

which of course led to many attempts at curing the problem.

The poor woman’s genitals were stimulated to orgasm by the midwife at

the ‘doctor’s office’ or sometimes the doctor himself would do the honor.

The couple would happily return to their daily lives thanking the doctor

for relieving her of the ‘disease’. Sometimes the husband himself would

relieve her of the ‘disease’ unwittingly if he also feels horny. Their

peaceful household would continue till she gets aroused again. During

the period of Industrial Revolution, towards the end of 1800’s, steam

driven vibrators were discovered and this relieved the midwives from

their weird job of helping women masturbate. Indeed the doctors of

those times used several tactics and methods to bring a woman to

orgasm in their treatment for ‘hysterical tension’. All these contraptions

existed because nobody cared about female orgasm and ejaculation, and

the mere existence of female orgasm was totally unaware of.

In the 1980s, the medical community and researchers began looking

deeper into the female ejaculation issue. Looking back, some fine

researchers were: Grafenberg, 1950; Sevely & Bennet, 1978; Belzer et

al., 1981; Perry & Whipple, 1981; Addiego et al., 1981; Sensabaugh &

Kahane, 1982; Belzer et al., 1984; Zaviavic et al, 1984.

In 1980, a video was shown at SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of

Sex) by researchers Perry and Whipple. During an open discussion on

the topic, a Dr. Martin Weisberg, M.D. and gynecologist commented

that he had been performing procedures on women to correct genital

problems and that there was no such thing as female ejaculation or

glands to trigger it. He changed his mind when he saw the video....

“The vagina and associated parts were looking normal with no mass or

spots. The urethra appears normal. All associated structures appear

normal. Her partner then stimulated her genital organs by inserting two

fingers into her vagina and then started to stroke her urethra vertically.

Surprisingly the area around her urethra started to swell and appeared

like a swelling of one by two centimeters dimension distinctly visible by

inspection. In the next few moments she did a maneuver by holding her

breath and appeared like she is bearing down. In a few seconds

afterwards several ml of whitish liquid appeared out of the urethra like

it has been released from pressure. The composition of that fluid closely

resembles that of prostatic fluid of men as pointed out by Perry and

Whipple. The fluid is sometimes clear and in other times milky and as

thin as plain water. There is no associated urine like color, taste or

smell. It was actually odorless and the taste varies from time to time and

from women to women depending on their food habits, extent of arousal,

time of prior ejaculation, etc. The taste actually varies from sweet (like

honey), bitter, sour or a blend of all these.”

I shutter to think of the women who were butchered to cure a problem

that was a natural occurrence. It's hard to believe the medical

community was still in the dark about this just a mere 30 some years

ago. For centuries, women had no place to turn to in regards to this

matter. They had no one to talk to and no resources to teach them about

their bodies. Many were mocked and ridiculed and shamed. Many

thought they had peed themselves and were shamed for it. Only now,

can women have a voice and a place to turn to understand this beautiful


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Not bad read

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Very informative writing, peppered with scientific support on an important topic with little open dialogue. Prejudice against women unfortunately has a long history. Articles like this can correct the prejudice.